“As we march towards Rti’s centennial, we are becoming more dynamic and diverse. Let us spread the most beautiful voices of Taiwan to all corners of the world.”

Rti Chairperson Cheryl Lai

The Story behind Rti 95th Anniversary Celebration

In recent years, major events and trends such as the global pandemic, the Russo-Ukrainian war, information warfare, and the development of AI technology have disrupt global order, forcing the media to quickly adapt in real time. The chain reaction caused by these changes challenges the stability of democracy and freedom of speech, and offsets global geopolitics, with Taiwan being the first to bear the brunt.
Radio Taiwan International (Rti) is a public media outlet representing Taiwan’s voice to the world, delivering the most timely and accurate information about Taiwan in 20 languages worldwide. In 2023, coinciding with its 95th anniversary, Rti organized two “Taiwan Forums” in Taipei and Bangkok, continuing the core values demonstrated through the Taiwan Forum held in London the year prior. The international forums and the networking events surrounding this year’s theme “Post-pandemic Asia’s Prospect” invited senior media workers and experts to share their strategies and experience in the topics of “Navigating Asia’s media landscape: Authoritarianism vs. Democracy,” and “Dealing with global fake news and information warfare.”
We deeply appreciate the support for the anniversary activities from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (UK), Association for International Broadcasting (UK), National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Journalism, the National Development Council, and the Ministry of Culture. After nearly a century, Rti will actively utilize the power of global networks and media diplomacy to deepen mutual understanding between Taiwan and its Asian and international media allies, facilitating media cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and democratic partners.